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Imran Khan’s Third Marriage in Trouble and Twitter Has Advice

As per news report printed by one of the local newspaper on Tuesday, Imran Khan’s third wife—Bushra Maneka has left his home after a dispute. Imran Khan is nation’s heartthrob and is the most famous influential figure of Pakistan. He was an iconic cricketer and now is testing his skills and expertise in politics.

According to the newspaper, the dispute occurred over the matter of Bushra Maneka’s son overstaying his welcome at Imran Khan’s residential place in Islamabad.

Imran Khan—also the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, married Bushra Maneka back in February. Khan refers to his third wife as his spiritual guide.

Earlier before the wedding, the couple has reportedly made an agreement that no one from Bushra Maneka’s family would stay too long at Bani Gala, the home where the couple lives. It was reported that the presence of Bushra Maneka’ son from her previous marriage at Bani Gala annoyed Imran Khan and hence led to the occurrence.

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When Khan tied the knot with Bushra Maneka the pet dogs were expelled from the home as per the local media. The reason behind it was that dogs are considered an interruption by his wife in conducting her religious activities.

Previously, the sixty-five-year-old politician denied any such news regarding expelling his pet dog, by saying that the dog had died some years back.

It is also reported that Imran Khan’s sisters were also living in Bani Gala and were involved in some renovation work going on at the residence which Bushra did not approve of.

As soon as the news of the fight came out, Twitter users eagerly started pouring in their marriage advice and also displayed concern.

One Twitter user tweeted saying that why can Imran Khan not accept her children when he accepted a divorcee as his wife.

Another one tweeted to voluntarily adopt Imran’s pet dogs so that the couple could have a happier married life.

Another person tweeted:

Imran Khan has not made any statement so far on the latest dispute with his spiritual-mentor-turned-wife.

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