Imran Khan’s Official Online Store ‘Insaf’ Launched

PTI’s Chairman Imran Khan’s official online store ‘Insaf’ has been launched. To all the PTI supporters and fans now you can buy exclusive merchandise with some of the articles having Imran Khan’s exclusive signature. So before everything gets sold out, grab the shirts, caps, scarves with PTI’s slogans or Khan’s picture engraved on it.

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On the online Insaf page it is written, “SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR IMRAN KHAN LOUD AND PROUD!

The time is now! We have all been waiting for this moment; election 2018 is just around the corner, and it’s time to show your support wherever in the world you are! Whether you want to say it on a t-shirt, carry a notebook to university, put a sticker on your car, or go fashionable with a kurta…SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! Imran Khan representing Pakistan on the global landscape…now THAT is the big dream about to become a reality!”

Those who want to buy Imran Khan merchandise can now purchase it. It is open for both local and international customers.

Want to buy Imran Khan’s bowling action LogoT-Shirt?

Here it is

خان T-Shirt

As the election is approaching, Imran Khan’s supporters can buy this shirt

ووٹ عمران دا T-Shirt

Imran Khan as Kaptaan, with a pop art and technicolor spin on a t-shirt

لڑو مجہے T-Shirt

Imran Khan Iconic Silhouette Cap

Imran Khan Iconic Bowling Action Cap

Imran Khan Pop Art Cap

Imran Khan UNSTITCHED 2.5 Metres in POP ART DIGITAL print for Kurta/Scarf!

Imran Khan Bowling Action UNSTITCHED 2.5 Metres in Technicolor DIGITAL Print for Kurta/Scarf!

Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt

Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt

Visit the store here

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