Imran Khan will Auction PM House Cars and Turn the House in to a University

PM Imran Khan

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan made his first revolutionary speech on 19th August after taking oath as the PM of the country. The speech was full of hope, message, collective effort and it addressed the problems of a common man.

Imran Khan said that he will not live in the PM House, instead, he will turn it into an international standard university. He also said that he will not use PM House cars except for 2, that are needed for his security. The rest he will auction.

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Imran Khan said that the Prime Minister House will be turned in to an international level university for research. It will have international top-level experts.

PM Pakistan Imran Khan enlightened the people about the current situation of PM House. He said, “The prime minister, which is me, also has 33 bulletproof cars. We have helicopters and aeroplanes to fly us. We have massive governor houses and every conceivable luxury. On one hand we don’t have money to spend on our people; on the other hand, we have a section of our people living like our colonial masters used to live.”

Adding “Look at how we live. Look at how much money is spent by prime ministers on foreign tours? Where do these people spend Rs. 650 million? Where does the speaker spend the Rs.160 million budget allotted to him? Are they going abroad to conquer land?”

Imran Khan said that the Prime Minister House has 524 servants and 80 cars.

He said, “ We will put all the cars up for auction. However, I will have to keep two of the cars because of my intelligence agencies told me that my life is under threat. We will be auctioning off all the other bulletproof cars. I invite businesses to come and buy them. We will put the proceeds of that auction in the state treasury.”

All the money that will be generated through the auction of the cars and by turning the PM House in to a university will be spent on the people of the Pakistan, as confirmed by Imran Khan.

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