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Imran Khan Tweets about his Marriage Speculations

Imran Khan marriage speculations have been going on for quite some time now, people within the party accepted and denied the news and then finally PTI confirmed that Imran Khan has proposed marriage to Bushra Maneka. Even after that, their was complete silence on part of PTI CHairman Imran Khan. Finally, he has broken his silence and in a series of tweets put his point forward.

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“For 3 days I have been wondering have I looted a bank; or money laundered bns in nation’s wealth; or ordered a model-town-like killing spree; or revealed state secrets to India? I have done none of these but discovered I have committed a bigger crime: wanting to get married.”

“The vicious, gutter media campaign led by NS & MSR mafia does not bother me as respect & humiliation come from Allah Almighty.”

“However, my concern is for my children & the very conservative family of Bushra begum, all of whom have been subjected to this malicious campaign by NS & MSR.”

“NS & MSR can rest assured that their vicious campaign has only strengthened my resolve to fight them all the way.”

“I have known the Sharifs for 40 years and I know all their sordid personal lives but I would never stoop to the level of exposing these sordid details.”

“All I ask of my well wishers and supporters is that they pray I find personal happiness which, except for a few years, I have been deprived of.”

For those of you who don’t know much about Bushra, she is is a fifty-year-old lady and has been the spiritual mentor of the PTI chief. This is confirmed by a statement released by the PTI. It is further mentioned that the said lady has asked for some time to take her family members consent before finalizing any decision.

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