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Imran Khan Presented 10-Point Agenda for the Transformation of Karachi

Imran Khan—Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman on Saturday during his rally address on Saturday presented his 10-point agenda for the transformation of Sindh’s capital—Karachi.

Imran Khan has come out as a top contender for the next prime minister role while addressing the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf rally in Karachi he referred to the Karachiites as being the “most politically mature” of all.

Imran Khan in his address said that Karachi is the financial hub of the country. The people of Karachi are among the first ones to unite against the nation’s issues. He asked the people to shut down their differences and to get along together for common benefit.

He presented his 10-point election agenda in the rally which was held at the neighbourhood of Gulshan-e-Iqbal, yesterday. He said that PTI would try to revive the old glory of the city and would transform it into the city of lights again.

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His 10-point agenda covered the following issues:

  1. Water
  2. Health
  3. Business and Industry
  4. Sports
  5. Environment
  6. Transport
  7. Education
  8. Police Reforms
  9. Employment
  10. Electricity

PTI’s chief was welcomed with loud chants of Tabdeeli. He first talked about the provision of clean water and the elimination of corruption at all the levels.

He emphasized on the utmost need of hiring competent officials for redressing a number of issues.

He said that if PTI would come to power, it would change the complete administrative system by conducting a direct election for the post of mayor. He said this while calling for an independent local bodies system.

Regarding education, he said that the government schools in the province of Sindh, generally in Karachi are in poor shape. He said that his party would reform the entire education system of the province.

He said that hospitals would be built on the pattern of Shaukat Khanam Memorial Hospital.

Imran Kahan promised a business-friendly environment and said that it is essential to make more industries for creating more job opportunities in the city.

He said that he wants to reform the system of electricity as well.

Imran Khan vowed for providing a separate urban railways system to Karachi for resolving the transport system.

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