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Imran Khan Moves out of PM House as Promised

Remember the first public address Imran Khan made after winning the Pakistan general elections 2018. He made a promise that he will maintain austerity and not use the Prime Minister House as his accommodation.

Well, as per the media reports, Prime Minister Imran Khan is ready to fulfill his promise. He has decided to move out of the Prime Minister house permanently and only use it to conduct his official duties

The reports state that Imran Khan will shift back to his original residence in Bani Gala. Just a portion of the PM House will be used for special state guests.

The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman who will soon be visiting Pakistan will stay at the Prime Minister House. Thus, the renovation work is going on at the PM House.

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PM Imran Khan has been living in the Military Secretary House of the PM House. But now he will shift back to Bani Gala and visit the PM House to conduct his official duties.

Imran Khan also recommended turning the Prime Minister in to a university thus it was converted in to the Islamabad National University in December, 2018.