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Imran Khan decides to Ban the Use of Multiple Residences for PM and President


Prime Minister Imran Khan has made the decision to cut the expenses on him and the President in order to save the resources from misuse. PM has decided to ban the use of multiple residences as camp offices for the President and Prime Minister.

This move will save billions of rupees that were spent on security and other arrangements whenever a President or Prime Minister used a different residence.

It was revealed that from 2008 to 2019, the national exchequer bore a burden of about Rs. 20 billion because of multiple residences of former prime ministers and presidents.

The proposal will be put forward to the federal cabinet when it begins at the Prime Minister’s Office with a 15-point agenda.

One of the most important points on the agenda was to increase the salary of Prime Minister, allowance and other privileges to bring them at par with the President of Pakistan.

A bill in this regard will be tabled in the National Assembly (NA), following the cabinet’s approval.

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A source said, “The premier earlier told the cabinet that he was annoyed at the extravagance displayed by past leaders in their official residences and their foreign trips. Therefore, he decided to impose a permanent ban on multiple residences for the president and the prime minister so that the state resources can be used for the welfare of masses.”

It further added that once the bill has the approval of the parliament, the PM will force the chief ministers to follow suit.

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