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Imran Abbas Says He Won’t be Seen on TV Anytime Soon

Imran Abbas

The famous actor, who is known for his good looks Imran Abbas has recently shared that his fans would not be able to see him in the TV dramas anytime soon.

During a Q&A session on Instagram, when he was asked by a fan that when is the new drama of the actor is coming, he said that they would not be able to see him on TV at least for like another one and half a year or maybe more.

He also revealed that he is unsure whether he would be starring in the dramas even after that or not.

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The actor also indicated that he might appear in an international project soon. His fans are waiting eagerly for him to share any further details.

Imran Abbas was showered with immense love and praise for his character Zamin in one of his romantic drama television series Thora Sa Haq.

The last time his fans saw him in a drama appearance was in the month of June.

On the other hand, PM Khan has encouraged all the Pakistanis to plant trees on the 9th of August for celebrating the Tiger Force Day.

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