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Import of Garlic and Ginger from China is Getting Costlier

garlic and ginger

The garlic and ginger being sold in the Pakistani markets in Lahore is getting costlier.

These items were being imported from China but the trade had ceased in mid of the coronavirus outbreak.

As per a local merchant, the price of the commodities has increased up to Rs.400 per kilogram. He further said that there is a prediction that it would be increasing to Rs.1,000 per kg if the trade is not resumed.

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The other supplier of garlic and ginger besides China is Thailand but it cannot meet the requirements of the Pakistani market alone, as informed by the local merchant. He also added that Pakistan does not cultivate ginger on its own.

Even when the trade routes open between China and Pakistan it would take nearly a month for the prices of the commodities to come down.

On the other hand, as per the latest development, the adviser to the PM on Climate Change said that the electric rickshaws would be introduced in the three major cities of the country.

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