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Import duties see a rise of 50 percent

import duties

Government of Pakistan has imposed and expanded regulatory duty for 731 things, extending from organic products. domesticated animals, dairy items, cigarettes, home apparatuses, cell phones, telecom hardware, cosmetics, utilities, bags, fabrics, articles of clothing, pottery, LCDs, LEDs, autos (both old and new) of assorted types, sports merchandise and truly all that you can envision.

Government has said this new move will debilitate buyers from purchasing imported things without considering the way that nearly everything devoured in the nation is foreign from outside.

Government said that import charge has expanded numerous folds and there’s no chance to confine it, other than expanding the import duties on such things, which will likewise gain the government much required taxes.

Increased Import duties will see a surge in prices as well passing the burden to the consumer

Strikingly, import duties are not applicable on things imported by international embassies and missions, ambassadors or those things imported by leaders of UAE and Qatar.

So also, new duties are not appropriate for steel round bars, bars of non-amalgam steel, non-grain oriented electrical steel sheets and grain oriented electrical steel sheets.

It should be noted that the overall level of fiscal effort is low and tax-to-GDP ratio has always been nearly stagnant which is why budget deficit has been high. Reports suggest that the main problem with the tax system is the sustained inability to raise adequate revenue to finance the public-sector budget. There is a structural fiscal gap equal to 5% of GDP. The reason of a low tax base is preferential and discriminatory behavior towards different sectors of economy that create many distortions within the economy.

you can check the import duties here SRO.(1035)-2017

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