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Immigration Staff Directed to Greet Passengers with Chocolates

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Immigration staff has been directed to greet the passengers with chocolates.

Sajid Hussain Khokar, the Deputy Director of Immigration of FIA has given new directives after the events of discourteous attitude and indiscipline from the immigration staff of the Islamabad International Airport, as per the complaint reports posted on the Citizen’s Complaint Portal.

As per the recent orders, the immigration staff has been ordered to welcome the passengers with salutations as per the time of the day.

Following the legal formalities that a passenger has to go through, the staff would then have to green them with the phrases like “Thank you”.

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Furthermore, upon arrival, the immigration staff would be presenting the chocolates and sweets to the passengers as part of a goodwill gesture.

CCTV cameras have been put up inside the offices of the assistant directors, lock-ups, and restrooms of the staff for monitoring their conduct.

As per Khokar, any misleading or bad behaviour on part of the immigration staff would not be tolerated and would lead in strict disciplinary actions.

For attempting to end the VIP culture at the airports, the immigration staff is asked to make sure that a single queue is maintained. But, there would be a separate line for the diplomats and the ambassadors for facilitating them.

For a passenger who is found with fake travelling documents or involves in misconduct with the immigration staff, the staff shall then only practise the lawful and legal authority conferred upon them.

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