IMF Postpones Appointment of Zafar Hassan as Senior Advisor to its Board

IMF Senior Advisor

As the newly formed PTI government is coming into power the International Monetary Fund has postponed Zafar Hassan appointment as Pakistan’s senior advisor to the Fund’s executive board.

Furthermore, another reason given for the postponement of the decision was that the former government wanted to appoint one official for the post instead of three candidate’s appointment as senior advisors to the IMF.

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As per the IMF officials, the reasons of the postponement is not connected to Shahid Mehmood’s performance who is Pakistan Administrative Service’s retired civil servant.

IMF Executive Director Jaffar Mojarrad revealed that Shahid Mahmood left IMF has he got a senior position in the Ministry of Finance. Adding that if Mahmood is selected again he will be welcomed with open arms.

Senior Advisor post to the Fund’s executive board is of utmost importance as the PTI government is also looking out for different options to solve balance of payment crisis which might involve an IMF bailout.

Moreover, as the senior advisor’s post has not been occupied for a year and a half, this post is highly significant now.

A few days before the end of the tenure of the former government, ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi approved Zafar Hassan appointment for senior advisor post at the IMF. It was on the recommendation of Miftah Ismail, the ex-finance minister.

However, Jaffar Mojarrad said, “As is the standing practice in this office, we request the authorities to submit a list of three qualified candidates to us to interview so as to select the candidate who best fits the job requirements, which is rather technical in nature.”

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