iMessage may not be required to work with other chat apps

The most recent sources indicate that Apple might win the European Union’s antitrust investigation into the iMessage platform. This suggests that Apple might not have to integrate iMessage with competing messaging programs like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. For Apple, this is incredibly positive news.

Since iMessage isn’t the most popular messaging app in Europe, it might not be affected by the EU regulation

Under the Digital Markets Act (DMA), a piece of antitrust legislation that aims to improve competition by removing some barriers put forth by technology companies that prevent users from moving to a different platform, the European Union has been looking into Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Meta. Market-leading platforms, including the App Store, Google Play Store, and WhatsApp, are covered by the DMA. Given that iMessage isn’t the most popular texting service in Europe, Apple is expected to prevail in this dispute.

The European Union conducted the inquiry and determined that iMessage isn’t popular enough with business customers to warrant being affected by the rule (DMA), according to a report from Bloomberg via 9To5Mac. When the five-month investigation comes to an end in February 2024, Apple is expected to prevail in the iMessage dispute. It is highly likely that Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp won’t be granted a reprieve and will instead need to control their own behavior and integrate with other messaging apps.

If you’re wondering what business users can do with iMessage, WhatsApp provides business messaging services that allow companies to communicate with customers, allow them to buy their goods and services, and provide them with after-sale support and service. Since iMessage doesn’t provide these services, the EU’s DMA regulation is lifted, which benefits the company. Additionally, Apple recently declared that iPhones will support RCS by 2024.

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