Imagine is the new AI image generator introduced by Meta

Facebook and Meta

Meta AI, the virtual AI assistant, was debuted by Meta in September 2023. It is powered by generative AI features that will be rolled out to Meta-owned platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The chatbot includes a tool named Imagine that can generate images based on text prompts. Last month, the Meta AI and Imagine were released to the public. According to some recent pieces of information, the company is going to roll out the image generator tool Imagine as a standalone tool. In simple words, the tool will be available aside from the chatbot. It can be accessed from the web by visiting the link

The new standalone tool has been referred to as Imagine with Meta AI by the company. In order to access it, simply visit the above-mentioned link. Fill in the details in the form of text prompts in the text box and tap on the Generate button. The website will prompt you to use a Meta account to log into the platform before completing the initial request. When you do that, the description you provide will be used to create four photos. Imagine is only accessible in the United States at this time.

Imagine is trained on 1.1 billion images

Emu is basically the company’s image foundation model. It powers the company’s new AI tool. According to the information, the foundation model was trained on 1.1 billion images. A report from Reuters claims that the publicly available images on Meta’s platforms (Facebook and Instagram) were used to train the AI model. In order to differentiate the images generated by Imagine, a watermark will be added to the bottom-left portion of the images. Meta will release an update soon and add invisible watermarks to Imagine.

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