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IKEA planning to sell goods via online retailers like Amazon

Swedish furniture and home products retailer is now going online to attract more customers through third party online retailers.

IKEA is a multinational retail group headquartered in Netherlands; the company has its retail stores throughout the European market. The company sells affordable furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories as their major products.

The company is now pondering to squeeze into the global online market to sell its products, a pilot project reportedly starts next year, the company informed on Tuesday.

The company will run the pilot project to gather useful insights to online retailing through third-party retailers, “IKEA is curious to develop a pilot project and see what will happen” said IKEA spokesperson Josefin Thorell in an email.

However, IKEA has not decided yet which marketplaces they wish to cover and partner with, according to Thorell.

It’s apparent that IKEA wants to learn more through a pilot project and then later decide which markets and retailers are the best for their online retailing growth.

IKEA has previously published reports which state IKEA products are now available on Amazon Prime, it seems IKEA has reached a deal with Amazon to offer its products on their platform directly to their customers.

IKEA at that time said our products currently being sold on Amazon and other online retailers are by private sellers. Almost 12.4 million people visit IKEA website on monthly basis.