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IIUI Protest Threat Against Fee-Hike, Admin Withdraws

Nobody has forgotten the whole issue between Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad administration and its students. How for a whole month all academic activities stopped as students protested to restore the rusticated and expelled students in the University.

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Now in IIUI students threatened to start a similar protest if admin did not withdraw the fee-hike notification. The admin issued a notification increasing transport, lab, hostel and other degree-related charges. The students were not ready to accept these and they decided to protest against it. The admin sensing another QAU episode decided to avoid the massive protest and accept the demands of the students. Thus they withdrew the fee-hike decision.

As per a senior official of the university, the IIUI administration was all set to make a huge fee-hike but decided not to due to the pressure of a student protest. Though it is believed that the university might increase fees of transport, lab, hostels, and degrees once a protest chance subsides.

Many decisions were made by IIUI board of governors like closing summer semester with some exceptions, closing hostel during summer vacations, increasing transport charges to Rs 2,500 from

R.1,500 per semester, lab development charges to Rs 3000 from Rs 1500 per semester and transport development charges to Rs 2,500 per semester.

The decision was being made to reduce the budget deficit of the university but the reaction of the students was so strong that the administration had to back off from it. By October 31 this decision had to be applicable but was withdrawn.