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IHC Moved to Bring Amazon, Paypal to Pakistan


Two weeks have been given to the federal government to the Islamabad High Court to submit a response to a petition filed against the lack of e-commerce markets in Pakistan. Notices have been issued to the commerce and information technology ministries by IHC CJ Athar Minallah. It was noted that the petitioner was hurt as the respondents have not been able to implement the necessary requirements envisioned in the e-Commerce Policy, 2019.

The petitioner named Junaied Hafeez said to the court that Pakistan has no access to the biggest e-commerce company in the world, Amazon.

He said that since almost a decade, Amazon has barred anyone from Pakistan from logging in to its website. The reason being that Pakistan has an unsecured payment method.

The petition read, “No official negotiations of offer to start operations of Amazon or PayPal in Pakistan have been made thus far.”

Adding, “It transpires that the government failed [to take] this simple yet logical towards globalisation and modernisation.”

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The petitioner further said that the e-commerce industry has developed to more than $4 trillion worldwide, however, Pakistan has not been able to cash on it.

Adding, “The e-Commerce Policy, 2019 is defective and flawed in many aspects inasmuch as the same admits to amend the existing laws of consumer protection. In compassion, China Russia and many other countries have special provisions in their consumer protection laws pertaining to e-commerce,”

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