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IHC moved to ban Black Friday sale in Pakistan

A petition has been filed in IHC to ban Black Friday shopping sales all over Pakistan. The sale is being called ‘contrary to Islamic teachings’.

The petitioner has made the Pakistani government a party via secretary information, secretary religious affairs, chairman Pemra, district magistrate, chief commissioner and chairman Council of Islamic Ideology.

In the USA Black Friday sale is set up to celebrate the start of Christmas season. There is no concept of Black Friday in Pakistan, it is a just a copied version of West.  Introducing it in Pakistan has not been accepted by all.

The name ‘Black Friday’ was also targeted by the petitioner. He said that Allah Almighty calls Friday the chief day of all days, calling it black is wrong and a crime. “According to the dictionary, Black Friday means ill-fated or black day. Hence, the court must ban the celebration of Black Friday on November 24 in Pakistan.”

Also, he added that government figures should not be allowed to attend ceremonies under Black Friday name.

Advocate Azhar Siddique has written an official letter to the president, prime minister and all provincial chief ministers of Pakistan to ban all kinds of Black Friday campaigns and celebrations.  He said that consumers can be benefited from Bright Friday sale instead.

Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) MD also spoke openly against Black Friday saying, “It is disgusting that some business tycoons are bringing Friday a bad name of ‘black’ just to blindly follow the West for increasing their business. Friday is a gift for Muslims, which is a holy, blessed, and virtuous day,” he said on Wednesday.

He told Ulema and Mashayekh (Islamic clerics) to protest against “this attribute to bring false names for this holy day for personal gains of business interests”.

Many brands have changed the name of their sale from Black Friday to White Friday, Big Friday and Blessed Friday.

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