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IHC Historic Judgement Grants Legal Rights to Animals in Pakistan

Animals have been granted full legal rights in Pakistan on the basis of the eco-centric principles of Islam and the “Right to Life” under the Constitution and Universal Declaration of Animal Rights. In this historic judgment given by IHC, Chief Justice Islamabad High Court (IHC), Justice Athar Minallah not just recognized the “animal sentience,” but also gave government directions to take necessary precautions for their wellbeing.

He also suggested that the federal administration needs to follow the teachings of Islam regarding the welfare of animals in the Islamic Studies curriculum for students.

Reference from Hadith and Islamic teachings was used by Justice Athar Minallah to say that cruelty to animals equals cruelty to humans. He talked about the elephant in Murghzar Zoo, Kaavan that has been subjected to immense pain for the past three decades.

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The Board of Wildlife Management has been ordered by Justice Minallah to take over the zoo administration and relocate Kaavan to an elephant sanctuary in or outside the country within 30 days. The court order said that the Corporation and the Chief Commissioner Islamabad will assist the board till the animals have been relocated safely.

Chairman of the Board of Wildlife Management has been directed by the court to make all necessary arrangements and contact in this regard with the Sri Lankan High Commissioner.

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