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IHC Asks Govt. to Bring Paypal and Amazon to Pakistan

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Islamabad High Court (IHC) has given 2 weeks to the federal government to provide its reply about the absence of the quality and effectiveness of the e-commerce services in the country.

Athar Minallah, the Chief Justice of IHC has issued notices to the information technology and commerce sectors for remaining unsuccessful to meet the needs as quoted by the e-commerce policy, which has kept the big firms like Amazon and Paypal to enter the country.

Notices were issued in response to a petition that was filed by Hafeez Junaid a resident of the federal capital who is of the belief that the flawed policies and the non-imposition were the major reasons behind the e-commerce firms not entering Pakistan.

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In his petition, the resident said that owing to the insecure payment methods, the country could not reach out to the largest e-commerce store of the world. He also claimed that for a century, Amazon has barred anyone having a Pakistani IP from logging into its website.

The petitioner further said that the e-commerce policy of 2019 is flawed and misleading, he added that the data protection law, which is important for the healthy e-commerce growth anywhere globally, is not practical in Pakistan.

It is pertinet to mention that the development has come days following the special advisor to the PM revealed that Pakistan is in the process of making registration of the good sellers of the country with the US e-commerce giant Amazon. The nation has sent a list of 38 exporters for the process of registration.

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