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ICT Bans Fundraising in Islamabad

The administration of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) has banned fundraising in the federal capital. In any proscribed organizations, fundraising is banned.

ICT administration issued a notification that stated that it had come under their notice that a few companies under UNSC/designated organizations/individuals list as per SROs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and proscribed/under observation organization/individuals and also their subsidiary welfare organizations under [the] ATA 1997 are fundraising, advertising, conducting events and displaying banners for their respective organizations.

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These organizations get involved in different activities be it social, political, welfare or/and religious. Then these activities are used for illegal purposes. The order stated that under Section 144 of the CrPC 1898 a ban has been imposed on such organizations.

The order will be enforced immediately and it will remain intact for a two-month period.

Fundraising is basically gathering of donations, charity, and funds for a purpose. Fundraising is one of the most important ways in which non-profit organizations are able to gather money to conduct their operations.

But, there are organizations which misuse this and use fundraising for illegal purposes. Thus it makes sense that the ICT administration has banned fundraising in the federal capital.