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ICCI Urges To Put a Ban on Indian Products

Indian products

President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) Sheikh Air Waheed on Tuesday has called for boycotting Indian products amid growing tension between political and economic relations of Pakistan and India.

The president on Tuesday admired efforts by Prime Minister Imran Khan offering India to restore the dialogue process; the Indian leadership withdrew after accepting this offer which created disappointment among business community of Pakistan.

He threatened Indian business community and said Pakistan will boycott Indian products if Indian leadership is going to keep up this approach until it takes further steps to normalize the relations with Pakistan.

A latest World Bank study indicates that Pakistan and India have the potential to grow the annual trade volume which is $2 billion currently to $37 billion, but Indian extremist behaviour is the biggest hurdle in deciphering this huge trade potential among two neighbours, he added.

Pakistan is a peace-loving and peace-promoting country which always wanted to keep healthy relationships with all its neighbours, but unfortunately, Indian political and military leadership is deprived of the vision, and due to their behaviour two nuclear powers in South Asia were not able to build strong trade relations, he said.

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However, the Indian business community is willing to make healthy relationships with Pakistan because they know the potential of this trade which is beneficial for both nations.

Pakistan, as well as India, are struggling to combat poverty and unemployment, promoting trade was one of the best measures to address these issues, India can gain nothing but the loss in maintaining tense relations with Pakistan and tense relations always discouraged business and Investment, he said.