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ICC New Red Card Rule Will be Applied To Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka Test Series

For the first time in the cricket history, ICC inspired by the most played and most watched game on the globe “Football” is now going to follow its stepping stones in order to regularize the cricketer’s behavior on the field.

ICC has decided to introduce a new set of rules in cricket including “The Red card”, cricket players who will show misconduct, violent behavior on the field could be sent off with “Red card”.

ICC is taking on this decision to maintain the discipline and spirit of cricket intact while players are in the field, ICC is going to impose new rules during the test series in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates this week.

Besides Red Cards, changes in Umpire referrals and bat sizes would also come into force during South Africa Vs Bangladesh series in South Africa and Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka series in Abu Dhabi.

After the success of Decision Review System (DRS) in Test and One-day matches, ICC is now allowing DRS in Twenty-20 matches as well. Now players on the field can challenge the umpire’s decision and call for a review in Twenty-20 matches which wasn’t allowed before.


The new bat size rule is also applied by ICC in all three formats of cricket including Test, One-day and Twenty-20, in order to maintain the healthy competition between Bat and ball, ICC has imposed a new restriction of the edges and thickness of Bat.

The permitted length and width of the bat, however, remains unchanged but the edges cannot be more than 40mm thick and the overall thickness should not exceed 67mm. The umpires during the game would use a new gauge to measure the thickness.

According to the new rule in DRS system, now if a team refers umpire’s decision to the Third umpire and the original decision remains unchanged the team will not lose that review. But the teams will now have only two unsuccessful reviews for the whole innings of the Test match. Earlier, the unsuccessful reviews were leveled after the first 80 overs.

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