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ICC Champions Trophy: Is Equipped With Innovative Bat Sensors and Drones Technology

Announced on Tuesday ICC is going to introduce innovative technology drones and revolutionary bat sensors in the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy 2017 starting today in England and Wales.

Developed by Intel the bat sensor is placed at the top of the bat’s handle which will measure all the movements against the bat, swings, speed, angle of the back etc.

The aim of this innovative sensor is to provide more information to television audience, people watching game on the tele can analyze different players, their techniques, speed, timing, angling and much more. The technology will also help players to adopt to the changes required in their batting style and prompt coaches for the important measures to take, it will provide more information to audience as well as coaches.

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Former England Captain Nasser Hussain told media that we have been commenting about having fast hands and the angle and speed of the bat but we could never quantify the things, but this can now be changed with this technology.

You can also see the bat swings and speed with VR headset to experience the real movements.

How you will see these sensors working watch it yourself in the Video



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