I AM Karachi Is Teaching Young Girls Self-Defense Against The Knife Attacker

Knife attacks in Karachi on women have compelled the female students of the city to learn self-defense. I AM Karachi is an organization that is training young girls from different institutions to learn self-defense. It is important that girls know how to protect themselves.

First, of the all the young students are told to remain cautious of their environment at all times. Then if an attacker attacks them, they should target his sensitive parts like eyes, ears, and nose. As the attacker’s grip get lose, the victim should run.

The students under training said that before this they had no idea how to protect themselves against harassment. These youngsters were positive that a single person cannot change their lives, and if he tries he will be given a fitting response as well.

Anam Zulfiqar who is a Tae Kwan Do expert said that every woman, student or working can be a victim of the knifeman. Therefore everyone should be careful and keep an eye on their surroundings at all times. Being alert is necessary, in the current situation of Karachi.

As informed nose, eyes, and ears are sensitive parts of any attackers, they should be targeted. If he is one bike or a vehicle the number plate should be noted down if chance given.

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Wardah Kamal, I AM Karachi organizer said that girls should know how to protect themselves anyway, in any circumstance. They should consider themselves important and learn the art of self-defense. The main goal of I AM Karachi is to train girls how to fight especially under recent attack going on, on girls in the city.

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