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Hyundai Nishat Announces Two New Vehicles

Hyundai Nishat MIGA

Hyundai Nishat is ready to announce two new vehicles in Pakistani market. The aim is to capitalize on the ever-increasing demand for both commercial and non-commercial vehicles in Pakistan.

Santa Fe SUV will be announced that will be 12-seater Grand Starex. This will be the first vehicle that will be produced by a collaboration of Hyundai and Nishat Group under the Auto Policy 2016-21.

The Hyundai vehicles and Pakistan’s first digital auto store with immersive 3D technology will launch in Lahore. The Hyundai-Nishat management has yet to confirm the launch of the innovative automotive retail store.

We don’t know how many models of Santa Fe will be launched in Pakistan. Globally it is available in 7 different variants.

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Back in 2017, the Hyundai Nishat joint venture started in Pakistan with an aim to make use of the improved auto policy. Hyundai is developing its 66-acre manufacturing auto plant in Faisalabad in the Special Economic Zone

Hyundai and Nishat are collaborating to launch high-end SUVs in the country. Also, Hyundai revealed that it is planning to launch electric vehicles that might be initially imported in the country.

We don’t know the prices of Hyundai vehicles yet. As soon as more information is disclosed we will share it with our readers.