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Hyundai Mobis launches AI software verification system

Hyundai Mobis has introduced an Artificial Intelligence AI-based Ai software verification system which is an AI-based interactive search robot technology for software development.

With the help of this technology, Hyundai Mobis is focused on enhancing the competitiveness of self-driving cars by increasing the speed of developing future automobile software.

The company has announced on Sunday that it has introduced Mobis Artificial Intelligence Software Testing (MAIST), a software verification system based on AI, Korean source reported.

In order to develop this technology, Hyundai Mobis has partnered with Professor Kim Mun-Joo from KAIST’s Computer Science Department. The system MAIST is mainly used by the researchers which perform automated verification on behalf of them. The company said, due to the increased number of electronic devices in the vehicle, the company has developed this system, a new model recently was loaded with 100 electronic components with this software.

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An official at Hyundai Mobis said, “if you convert the system in document format, it can reach to 30,000 to tens of millions of lines per system”, if we replace 50% to 70% of software verification, MAIST’s efficiency can be more than double. The company plans to integrate MAIST to all electric parts, braking and steering will be loaded with software using the system during the second half of this years, he added.

The company also plans to apply the system in the company’s Global Software Research facility in India. For software R&D Hyundai Mobis has introduced an interactive development document search system MAIBOT which is developed with deep learning.

The system identifies researcher’s intent and finds software R&D resources in cloud computing environment. MAIBOT provides researchers with an easy search of software development data, the system also provides help in understanding the document contents.

By the next year, the company will deploy MAIBOT to its major business sites, it would be available for search for in-house information also information in R&D division.

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