Hydrocarbons Discovered in Balochistan by Pakistan Petroleum

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Hydrocarbons have been discovered from the exploratory well, Bolan East-1 ST-1 located in Balochistan’s Kachhi district. Pakistan Petroleum jointly collaborated with Ziarat Exploration License that comprises of Mari Petroleum Company Limited and found the hydrocarbons in Balochistan.

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Mari Petroleum Company Limited is the operator of Ziarat Block and owns a 60% working interest while Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) owns 40% working interest and wholly owned subsidiary PPL E&P.

The drill stem tests were conducted in Chiltan and Moro/Mughal Kot Formations. The Chiltan Formation per day flowed 810 barrels of 15.6 API gravity oil along with WHFP of 134-167 psi at 32/64 inch choke size rate.

As for Moro/Mughal Kot Formation, it flowed 69- barrels per day of 15.6 API gravity oil along with WHFP of 142-158 psi at 32/64 inch choke size rate.

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Now the discovery is being evaluated through a commercial perspective.

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