Hurricane Irma: Largest Evacuation In The US History Starts

6.3 million People are ordered to evacuate from Florida as per Florida Division of Emergency Management. Understanding the point that how many actually took this warning seriously, this could be the largest evacuation in US history. This surpasses the previous largest evacuation on September 2005 when Hurricane Rita hit US soil.

After Hurricane Irma destroyed the Caribbean it entered in Miami and Florida, therefore, the residents’ fleeted the state in fear of the Hurricane.

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Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn gave a warning to those not ready to leave the State by saying “Obviously, there will be people who think they can ride this out. We hope they will be OK. I will tell you that if the winds are consistently at 40 mph or greater, our police and firefighters cannot come to get you. So if you’re going to stay, hunker down.

The fear remains that the storm will reach above 15ftn from the ground and destroy entire societies. Already the electricity is gone from millions of building, trees are destroyed which has resulted in the cut of power lines.

After the tornado in Huston, this is the second natural disaster that America is facing in two months. There are individuals who feel that the country is hostile towards immigrants and now the quote ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ suits perfectly for the Superpower. Can we really bring Politics in between life of innocent beings? If America does not raise voice on oppression going on all around the world, should we do the same? Let’s embrace the Americans evacuating their State with open arms and spread the message of love and harmony because when is ever revenge the answer?

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