Hunza Valley Tops In Empowering Women

You may think of attractive breathtaking scenery when the name Hunza Valley comes up, but now it is known for another achievement. Hunza Valley believes in empowering the women and it has proven it.

If an area is small and not so urban we assume that the people inhabiting there would also be conservative. This is not so true. Carpentry a profession dedicated to men even in the urbanist and modern cities is taken up by women of Hunza.

There is a café present in the old garden of the fort owned and run by a domestic Hunza woman. Not just this all employees working there from handling accounts to cooking and taking orders are women. It is an all women run café.

We see many dhabas and food stalls in our modern cities, all run by men but not the one on Karakoram Highway that connects Hunza to Gulmit, that dhaba is administrated by women of Gilgit Baltistan.

The beauty of Passu with its spectacular views is enhanced as women play cricket matches there.

Women can change destinies, create unforeseen future and do things that even men are afraid to do. They don’t need to be modern, have know how of English and latest technologies to bring change. They can make history by just believing in their own strengths and capabilities.

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