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Huge Fish Like Trash Bins Are Being Set up at Sea View Karachi

fish like trash bins

Huge fish like trash bins are being set up at sea view Karachi.

For a very long time, sea view has been a victim of the plague. People come and go throwing trash everywhere.  The reason behind it is, there are no trash cans provided to the people so wherever they feel like throwing the litter they just throw it away.

To control this situation, the government has provided a few trash cans. But they were so small and were very less in number and a lot of people visit sea view. They did use those trash bins but there is a limit to which those installed trash bins could contain the garbage.

Also, the trash stays there for days; some people throw the garbage in the sea which not only disturbs the sea life but also the ecosystem.

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But now the authorities have come up with a brilliant solution for this problem by setting up huge trash bins which could easily be seen and could handle a lot of trash.

The new trash bins are in a shape of a big fish. Few days back someone uploaded a picture on social media of such a trash bin shaped like fish which inspired the authority and executed this inspiration by installing such big bins at the sea view.

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