Hub Bridge needs Reconstruction; NHA


Earlier today, the National Highway Authority (NHA) issued a warning that the Hub Bridge needs to be restored immediately or a new bridge needs to be constructed.

The Hub Bridge is part of the N-25 which connects the Karachi and Gawadar ports with the central Asian corridors via the Pak-Afghan border at Chaman and through Karachi-Quetta-Chaman to Iran through N-40.

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There is massive traffic on the Hub Bridge for twenty-four hours. The National Highway Authority’s maintenance director Balochistan sent a letter to NHA’s general manager of RAMD Islamabad regarding the rehabilitation of the bridge.

In the letter, the Director requested the General Manager that the hub bridge is an old structure and is very weak. Therefore, the bridge needs restoration or a new bridge needs to be constructed in order to avoid any major damage.

Moreover, he wrote in the letter requesting to send structural experts to examine the site closely and provide a comprehensive design along with the working procedure and the diversion estimates.

Chief Minister Jam Kamal has also identified this issue.

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