Huawei Vs Oppo: Who Will Win The Race In Pakistani Market

Despite Q-mobile is the largest smartphone brand in Pakistan, Q-mobile is not a big worry for Chinese manufacturers, It is reported that Q-mobile imports over 1 million units per month in Pakistan tracking from tax receipts from FBR, still there is not a concrete evidence of these figures but the estimate is ball parked.

Q-mobile is the current market leader in Pakistan smartphone industry in terms of volume, if you consider quality then Apple and Samsung are already leading the market followed by Huawei and Oppo.

Some reports claim that Huawei has 18% market share in Pakistan, but this is also an estimate based on various news and growth percentage. Q-mobile is claimed to have a market share of 30% in smartphones category.

According to IDC report Smartphone shipments in Pakistan grew by 124% in 2015, which brings Pakistan among the fastest growing markets for smartphones. That is why Brands are focusing more on Pakistani market.

IDC also reports that Oppo outperformed Huawei in China during 2015-16, Oppo’s Chinese market share in 2015 was 8.2% with shipment volume of 35.3 million. Oppo witnessed 122.2% growth in 2016. The market share grew to 16.8% with shipment volume to 78.4%.

This performance by Oppo left Huawei behind in China leaving Huawei at 76.6% shipment volume in 2016 and 16.4% market share.

Oppo’s performance in China ringing the bells for Huawei in other markets as well, Huawei has gained staggering popularity in Pakistan over the past few years, Huawei’s flagship handsets P9, P9 Lite, Mate 9 and Honor 8 have contributed much towards its success in the market. Huawei is still ahead of Oppo in Pakistani market in terms of market share volume. But Oppo is also flattening the ground for a big war ahead. But Oppo could not attract Pakistani market as much as it could do in China, with price reduction strategy Oppo wasn’t able to grab more than a handful of consumers.

Some watchdogs recon Oppo will also outperform Huawei in other markets in near future, What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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