Huawei And SUSE Jointly Develop A Reliable Mission Critical Server

Huawei and SUSE are collaborating to develop a reliable Mission Critical Server that will set new better standards for reliability. The advantages of this Server will be that it supports memory module hot swap, aiding customers cut unexpected maintenance time along with keeping the production systems up and running.

This Mission Critical Server will be part of Huawei’s 16-/32-socket KunLun Mission Critical Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications.

The solution will run on It strengthens both companies’ lineup of enterprise mission-critical offerings and underscores their commitment to building highly reliable, high-performing mission-critical solutions for global enterprise customers.

Qiu Long, president of the Huawei IT Server Product Line said, “Huawei is teaming up with SUSE to jointly launch the in-memory computing hot swap solution built on the Huawei 16-/32-socket KunLun Mission Critical Server and the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server RAS enhanced feature package. This solution will ensure continuous, stable running of enterprise business-critical applications and reduce unplanned downtime. Supporting memory online maintenance, it reduces unplanned system outage caused by memory faults to almost zero, thereby boosting the reliability of enterprise critical applications.”

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Ralf Flaxa, SUSE president of Engineering said, “SUSE values our joint innovation with Huawei. Having support and coordination from the bottom-layer hardware structural design and BIOS software sides is integral to SUSE’s innovations around the OS RAS features. The appliance based on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server RAS enhanced feature package and the Huawei KunLun Mission Critical Server embodies the results of our joint innovation, and it will deliver unparalleled reliability to large enterprise customers.”

SUSE’s enterprise Linux expertise is the pioneer in open source software technology, they deliver unequaled RAS assurance for the x86 platform. As for the Huawei KunLun Mission Critical Server it is designed for critical workloads such as enterprise database, decision support, and business processing.

The solutions offered in collaboration of Huawei and SUSE are not only recognized globally, they are also trusted by the customers. SUSE Linux Enterprise running on Huawei servers are used in retail, manufacturing, energy, hi-tech, and finance.


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