Huawei phones are blocked to run VLC media player on them-updated

VideoLAN is the company behind the software VLC media player which is an open-source media software, VideoLAN has announced that Huawei phones are now blocked to run VLC Media Player on the devices, Huawei phone owners are now blocked by the company to download the free software from the Google Play Store.

The decision from the software maker comes after Chinese smartphone makers decide to kill all the background apps over its own which restricts VLC audio playback on the device, Said VideoLAN in a Tweet.

The Tweet reads, “PSA: @HuaweiMobile phones are now blacklisted and cannot get VLC on the Play Store. Their ridiculous policy of killing all background apps (except their own) breaks VLC audio background playback (of course). See … and many other reports…@HuaweiFr

The blacklisting of Huawei phones only applies to the newer phones, if you have an older version of Huawei and already downloaded the VLC media player on your phone you may not be affected by this update. However, some Huawei phones like P20, P20 Pro, Mate10 pro, and P9 are reported to be blocked to download the VLC media player.

Huawei, on the other hand, said the company is working with third parties to fix this issue of downloading the company also suggested to update the phone’s settings.

Under the settings menu, you have to tap battery, launch and turn off “Manage all automatically” from here you have to go to “Manage batch manually” and make sure the following three settings are switched on;

“Auto-launch”, “Secondary launch” and “Run in background.”

Huawei has beaten Apple during the second quarter of 2018 and has secured the position of the second largest smartphone seller according to the data released on Tuesday.

Despite having a strong growth trend, Huawei still hasn’t managed to enter the US market through US carriers, though Huawei phones are being sold in the US by online retailers. Huawei is also focusing to beat Samsung in foldable technology which is yet to come in the market.


VideoLAN later updated about the issue and said “We are currently working on a solution with @HuaweiMobile to fix the issue we have for background audio on VLC for Android and remove the blacklist quickly.
We don’t have a timeline yet, but we’re on it and will update ASAP.”