Huawei Mate 40 Might Get Out Of Stock Quickly

Mate 40 Pro

For those users who want to grab the Mate40 Pro, they may have to wait for a while. It is really too difficult to buy at a fair price without a price increase.

According to a report in the Securities TimesHuawei’s internal employees revealed that the Mate40 series were out of stock mainly because the supply chain and production capacity could not keep up with the huge market demand.

The internal employee said that the domestic demand for Huawei mobile phones is indeed very hot this year, especially the Mate40 series. The production capacity and market supply will gradually increase in the follow-up. However, the Mate40 Pro+, which is currently very popular in the market, will still be out of stock in the follow-up, mainly because It is equipped with the first 5nm Kirin 9000 5G SoC chip, and Huawei’s lack of chips is almost a household name.

It was previously reported that Huawei had pulled out the last batch of Kirin 9000 processors from TSMC before the September 15 ban, but the number was not large, it is said that it was around 9 million. If you look at the previous Mate30 series, the shipment of Mate40 is at least 10 million units, and several million Kirin 9000 processors are really not enough to sell.