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Huawei Mate 11: Price, Specifications & Release Date in Pakistan

Huawei Mate 11 Price:

The Price of Huawei Mate 10 in Pakistan was Rs 70,000. So the price expectations for Huawei Mate 11 are somewhere between PKR 75,000 to 85,000.

Unless Huawei introduces something different and highly tech-oriented, the price range will be around 75 to 85 thousand.

Huawei Mate 11 Specifications:

There is not much known about Huawei Mate 11 yet but we will discuss the rumored features of the phone.

The design of the phone will not have drastic changes. Mate 10 was the first model in Mate series that had a changed design with a glass back, IP68 water resistance feature and slim bezels.

In Mate 11 we expect even slimmer bezels. A possibility of wireless charging is there but in Mate 10 the company didn’t add wireless charging features as it thought that it is very slow.

Coming to the screen of the phone, it will remain OLED. We might see a higher resolution though from Mate10 Pro’s resolution which was 2160×1080.

We hope to see some changes in the camera of Huawei Mate 11. Huawei Mate 10 had a dual camera setup at the back, let us hope for a dual camera setup in the front as well in the next flagship of Huawei.

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Now rumors also suggest that another camera in the front may not be for selfies, it might be used as a face unlock feature.

The Mate 10 pro had dual f/1.6 lenses and we expect same lenses to be retained for Mate 11.

Artificial Intelligence features like scene recognition will be part of Mate 11. We hope for a better video quality in the next Huawei phone.

The hardware of Huawei Mate 11 may undergo some changes like introducing current Bluetooth version, faster LTE modem. As for the RAM & storage it will probably remain same 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage with microSD expansion.

Huawei Mate 11 is expected to come with latest Android 9.0 version.

Release date of Huawei Mate 11

Huawei launched Mate 10 pro in October 2017. The phone went on sale in November 2017. The same was the case with Huawei 8 and 9, the months remained same.

So expect Huawei to launch Huawei Mate 11 in October 2018 and the phone to go on sale in November 2018. Once the phone goes on sale it will be launched in Pakistan as well.

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