Huawei Maps App ‘Petal Maps’ Is Now Available For Download In AppGallery

Petal Maps

Huawei has launched Petal Maps, a map application that can be operated through the Mate 40 series for overseas users. According to the report of Huawei Central, Petal Map is now available for download in AppGallery.

RS News believes that Petal Maps, which is launched in more than 140 countries and regions overseas, provides users with services such as map positioning, map display, driving navigation, and real-time road conditions. It also pioneered a new map interaction method, which allows the Mate 40 series to be operated by air. When the function is applied to the navigation, the user presses the palm to the screen direction while driving, and the navigation route view and the map overview interface can be switched freely.

According to previous information, users through Petal Maps can get real-time bus information prompts, users can view the bus departure and arrival status of some cities, so as to plan time and travel plans. Currently, Petal Maps supports navigation voice broadcasts in Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.