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HSC Chemistry Paper Leaked in Karachi

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It seems that the measures being taken by the Sindh Education Department to curb the continuous leakage of papers in the city of Karachi under the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) are completely failing, as the examination papers are leaking on a continuous bases in the city, as per the reports of local media on Tuesday.

According to the details, a question paper of Chemistry also got leaked on the different platforms of social media just 40 minutes before the exam was to start along with answers.

The question paper along with answers was easily accessible and available on social media.

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It is important to mention that previously the papers of Mathematics, Zoology and Botany were also leaked as the educational board found it difficult to control the culture of copying and the mafia behind the whole paper leakage fiasco in Sindh.

Despite many steps taken by the Sindh Education Department, it is apparent that the mafia is stronger and much more organised than the department as the leakage of the papers is underway.

It is important to mention that the intermediate board has banned the media coverage of the HSC examination.

The intermediate examinations would continue on until the 9th of May.

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