How to watch IG Stories anonymously With Instagram Story Viewer?

Barely, is there anyone who doesn’t own an insta account?  This photo-sharing Social media since its commencement has been spreading like wildfire. It has an uncanny ability to grab your attention by simply filtering out content as per your preference.

 From the day it came into existence, users have shared some 45 billion photos on the platform. Instagram is the initiator of the selfie trend. Users have uploaded some  290 million selfies. 

Besides this, Instagram has a huge following from the fashion industry which has curated the OOTD and Get ready with me trends.

But yet to tackle a challenge is maintaining your privacy in the stories section. To view Instagram story anonymously you need to run errands with always a risk of being visible to the account owner, especially in stories that require users to know who watched their stories.

Many Ig anon viewers can aid this process and you can view IG content

especially stories anonymously.

How to watch Instagram Stories Without Anyone Knowing

There are many ways you can view Instagram stories without the user knowing about your visit, like:

  • If you use IOS or Andriod you can switch your system to airplane mode after tapping the story. We can also perform this method on the latest Windows.
  • Another online method is to block the person whose story you are viewing.
  • You can also create an account that is not your real username.
  • You can view the story and immediately swipe back.
  • You could also use a third-party platform to view stories of public accounts.

Why users couldn’t watch IG stories anonymously

Instagram doesn’t permit viewers to keep their identities anonymous. You need to have an account and access to the person to view it. Snapchat inspired the feature where stories disappear after 24 hours.

Why We can’t watch stories anonymously?

The feature display names of each person who has viewed the stories. The reason for this feature is that the person uploading the stories is in full control of the situation. If they.

Wish to ban someone from their stories, they can do that too. There are three.

reasons for the name viewing service on stories:

  • It gives influenced insights that are required by brands and PR firms
  •  People can preserve their privacy
  •  It can prevent stalking

Use an IG story viewer:

Stories viewer for PC, Android, and IOS

There are many exceptional story viewers that can help you view stories on any system be it

windows or an android and ios PC.

What are IG stories, viewers?

You can view Instagram stories without them knowing through these platforms. They are easy-to-use tools and very convenient. Most of them don’t require an account and they also help you. To download image stories and reels. Here is the list of some amazing Instagram

story viewers.


This is the first in our list of seven. This Instagram story and highlights viewer is a web service that doesn’t require you to have an account.

This website is idle for viewing as well as downloading Instagram stories.


The service has some amazing salient features:

  • With this tool, you have been ensured completely anonymous browsing
  • It has a very simple user interface.
  • There is no need to register.
  • You don’t need an account or login details.
  • It supports different languages.
  • You can download
  • Stories, Videos, IGTV, Photos, Highlights in different formats – MP4, JPEG
  • It has a fast browsing speed.
  • It is absolutely 100% Free so you can view Instagram stories anonymously whenever you wish.

Step-by-step guide: How to view Instagram Accounts anonymously via Instastories. Watch

To view Instagram highlights and stories anonymously, you just need a username or a link to the account.

Now you need to paste the link or username into the given box and wallah view Instagram stories and posts anonymously even if you have been blocked.  

This is one of the best Instagram story viewers you can use. Your result will be something like this:

#2 Storiesig. me

This is another one of our favorites. View your preferred stories IG without trouble.


  • can help you view Instagram reels and stories anonymously.
  • It is again a free platform.
  • You don’t need an id.
  •  Stories IG is very convenient to use.
  •  It doesn’t require much time to load.
  • Hands down the best IG story viewer

 Step-by-step guide: How to watch Instagram Accounts anonymously via

All you need is a username or a link

Paste the link in the search box and there you go as easy as it can be

Your result will be something like the one below ( you can download it too)

#3 Storiesdown

Did you forget your account password? Now you can’t view Instagram stories,

Reels, IGTV, and posts without an account. Stories down is here to the rescue view ig story without an account? This website supports Android, IOS, and PC. This is a unique Instagram viewer.


  • As mentioned earlier, with stories down, you can view stories downright without an account.
  • is a convenient and free-to-use web address.
  •   You can download your favorite content downright too.


 Are you blocked out of a public account? If you want to watch someone’s Instagram, anonymously insta story viewer again is another top-notch choice to visit Instagram hassle-free.


  • Insta story makes you anonymous and completely
  • This ig story viewer charges no penny for its service
  •  it has an astonishing speed. 
  •  Instagram story viewer supports all systems be
  • it android, IOS or windows
  •  You don’t need t register for social media to approach

an account.


Next in line is storiesIG. This is an excellent option too though it has the same features as the above ig stories. It is again one of the best Instagram web viewers. It supports incognito viewing and downloading.


  • You don’t need to sign in or require entering any kind of email, making it one of the best anonymous Instagram story viewers.
  • It is Simple and strikingly easy for us
  •  Instagram Highlights Viewer is also Supported.
  • You can download these stories and share them with whichever
  • social media you wish to upload to.


The only way to view Instagram stories is to make a fake account or turn your device into airplane mode. Both these methods are risky as having multiple accounts is unethical and turning on flight mode is not available to older versions of windows. 

So is a staggering medium to view Instagram stories and conceal your id at the

same time.

have you been shrouded? or an Instagram user has forbidden you from visiting their account is here to rescue you from these whims. 

This web service is the best app for Instagram viewers and users. With this platform, you can anonymously view Instagram stories.


  • this link overpasses you with Instagram without
  • the need to sign into google or create an account

 This web service also aids in auto-save stories with

  • different subscription tariffs so you can stay updated on your favorite account happenings.

                     The packages are as follows:

  • 3 profiles–$7 per month
  • 10 profiles–$19 per month
  • 100 profiles–$99 a month  (you can’t track a private account.)
  • It includes multiple tools


Stories stalker is a buzz amongst ig stalkers. Are you stalking someone on Instagram? Do you need to access their account anonymously? This easy-to-use webpage is perfect for someone who doesn’t own an account.


  • Stories Stalker is Free
  • This interface anonymous
  • It is 100% Functional anytime every time.
  • If the user has deleted some stories, like, or subscriptions, you can easily access them through these media.

We hope that our compilation of 7 of the most prominently used stories viewer helps you. Whatever your reason for anonymity, our suggested platforms will always be available without charges and with the utmost browsing speed.