How To Unblock Your Phone Blocked By PTA And How To Register Mobile With PTA and Pay Taxes

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The mobile phones that are in use in Pakistan and not approved by PTA get blocked after some time of usage, this is due to the fact that PTA has already advised registering the mobile phones that are not registered with PTA in order to avoid blockage.

The reason for registration with PTA is to keep track of the mobile devices that are imported from a proper channel and not smuggled into Pakistan and collect relevant taxes for the devices. If you have purchased a new mobile phone from Pakistan they should have a stamp on them approved by PTA however, problems can arise when you have purchased a used mobile phone or you have carried a mobile phone with you while traveling from abroad.

After reaching your home country it is important to get your mobile phone registered with PTA otherwise your phone would be blocked after some time and you would not be able to use any sim card or carrier in Pakistan.

PTA allows registering one device free of cost if you are carrying more than one device with you from abroad. However, the other devices should be registered and you should pay relevant tax for the device in order to use it in Pakistan for a long time.

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But if you only planned to live in Pakistan for up to 2 months and use a roaming sim card on your mobile phone then you don’t need to register your mobile phone with the authority.

Here Are The Steps To Follow If Your Phone Is Blocked By PTA

Step 1: Signup

Go to PTA official website and get your phone registered, by clicking on the tab “Online Mobile Registration” after clicking this tab a new form will open. You will have to create a new account by signing up as a new user and login to that account.

Fill in the details including your Name, Surname, City, Phone number, email, address, CNIC, Passport number, password to log in, and do not forget this password.

Step 2: Login and Submit

After filling the form your sign up would be completed, you will get an activation link in your email address, following this link you can log in to your account. After logging in you can select the option to register your phone which is more relevant to you, mind that you can register one free mobile in one year, and for others, you will have to select the option to pay tax.

You will also add the IMEI number of your device, if you are using a dual-sim phone then you will have to add 2 IMEI numbers. IMEI number is the 15-digit unique (International Mobile Equipment Identification) number which can be found on from the phone box or you can take the help of a local mobile shop. After entering all the details you will submit the form.

Step 3: Wait And Pay The Taxes

After submitting the form the widow will display the information for your device, you will also get SMS on your phone in which you will have you PSID number and COC ID, you will also get these details in your email address. The amount to pay for your device would also be mentioned in the details.

Now you have to pay the taxes against your PSID, you can pay the tax in major banks including National bank, MCB, Allied Bank and others you can also pay taxes via ATM or online banking against your PSID number.

Once you pay the tax, you will receive the message via SMS that your device is not PTA approved and you can continue using your device.

How Much Tax To Pay

PTA and FBR both have advised the tax structure that you can find on their websites, the following image will show the price in dollars and the applicable tax in PKR. Beware that the tax calculation is carried out on the current price of the device, so it is better to bring new phones with you from abroad rather than used devices because you will have to pay the tax according to the current device price.

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