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How to select subjects for CSS examination


Subject selection for Central Superior Services (CSS) exam is the hardest. The general rule is to select subjects that you know about or have studied previously in your academic career. You can always look at past papers and gather an idea about the sort of questions that will be asked and how firm you have knowledge of them. This will further aid your understanding.

For the CSS exam, you have multiple groups and from them, you have to select six subjects worth 100 marks from each group. The total subjects from each group (you can only select one from each group) can add up to 600 in total. In order to pass, you have to score at least 33 marks in each subject.

One needs to opt for subjects that other people are not taking, but also keep in mind to pick subjects that you have a natural interest towards. If you pick what you like then you can tackle the syllabus quickly and answer questions with ease.

Current Affairs is an integral part of each subject in the examination so be sure to include in your preparation the current developments that have taken place in relation to the subject.
You need to make notes of the subjects that you study but make sure they are small, bullet points are an excellent way to revise. You can also take a quick look at them before the exam and refresh your memory. Rote learning is never the answer so it is important that you understand the subjects that you have selected.

Many students opt for international relations, international law and United States History-a combination of these is very common but that means there will be a tough competition to score the highest marks.

The gist is that you need to be able to tackle every question if it piques your interest otherwise, you will spend a lot of time learning but not getting the relevant knowledge which will impact your overall score.

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