How to prepare an essay for CSS: 5 Tips

The civil service examination in Pakistan is one of the toughest in the country. Every year thousands of people sit through the exam but fail to make it through. Essay writing is one of the many hurdles that students face. Many also fail the essay exam or get low scores that impact their overall position. You need to keep in mind that to pass the essay exam you need 40 marks out of 100. Here are some tips that will help you in writing a good essay and hopefully aid you in passing the overall exam.

1. The quality of the content should be impeccable. Once you start preparing your subjects, chances are that you will have ample material that you can polish and write in your essay. Read the Dawn News Opinion section and philosophical essays to polish your writing skills. GRE vocabulary by Magoosh will help you in learning new words and the expression will come naturally.

2. An essay consists of three main parts: Introduction, body and a conclusion. First of all know that Essay has three main parts: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. The introduction should encompass all aspects of the essay. There must be a thesis statement at the end of introduction. It should be a complete reflection of your outline and should be about a page. Then, the body of the essay consists of small paragraphs (8-9 lines) and describe each aspect (each point of your outline). Your outline should give the examiner a basic gist of your essay. A good outline will fetch you more marks. The conclusion should be also touching all major aspects. It should also be a very comprehensive reflection of your complete essay.

3. There are different types of essays’, for example, narrative-based or opinion-based, so you need to identify your style and polish what you are comfortable with.

4. The length of your piece should be around a decent 10 pages or more, but anything that crosses 10 is a good one-please note that this does not count the outline.

5. Start writing introductory paragraphs and get them checked from seniors or those who are fluent in English. Remember, writing essays does not come to anyone naturally but requires a lot of practice and is an art that is perfected over time.

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