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How to make Online Payments via Debit/Credit Card from Pakistan – Best payment Cards in Pakistan

Easy payment methods via Debit/Credit Card in Pakistan.


The easiest way for debit/credit holders in Pakistan to make payments online is through easypaisa.  EasyPaisa allows any local or international Visa/Mastercard Credit or Debit Cardholder to pay online for any purchase.

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JazzCash offers a personalized visa debit card for its mobile account holders. Via this card, the customers can easily conduct online transactions without any hassle. The payment method is secure and convenient.


Different banks like MCB, UBL, offers visa debit/credit card to its customers which can be used for making online payments in Pakistan.

Online Payment Services

There are many services available which offer customers one-time online payment option. For instance, OKPay is a service which gives a temporary card number which can be used for online payment. Similarly, US Unlocked in another service for international shoppers. A virtual prepaid MasterCard is given that users can use once or reload whenever they want to conduct an online transaction. Moneypolo is yet another service which offers both physical and virtual prepaid cards to users for online shopping. Ecopayz is a service that is for one-time online payments. Once the payment is made the card is canceled automatically. So your card details are never stolen or misused.

Best Payment Cards in Pakistan

MCB Lite

MCB Lite, a Prepaid Visa Card allows the cardholder to make any online domestic and international payment. There is no monthly or signing up fees attached to the card. Annually the payment of the card is Rs 300.

New account and card start at MCB Lite 0 which has a yearly limit of Rs 200,000 for deposit and withdrawal. This can be upgraded to Lite 1 and Lite 2 for free. Though we don’t know about the charges for foreign currency transaction.

Anybody can own an MCB Lite card but if you have an account in MCB the benefits are more. MCB Lite is one of the best cards in Pakistan for payments because it allows users to receive remittances directly into the mobile wallet. Thus it has its own advantages.

UBL Wiz Card

UBL Wiz Card was the first prepaid card that launched in Pakistan. The cardholder needs to activate it for free for internet usage. Then he/she can start an internet session for PKR 100. When the session duration ends, it can not be used for internet. It is better this card is used for rare online purchase and not for monthly subscriptions.

UBL also offers a Wiz internet card which is just for internet usage but it is not as good as MCB Lite. So those users who are just looking for a card solely for online payment purposes can purchase this card. The annual limit of the card in Rs 100,000 for the non-biometric verified card and RS 500,000 for the verified ones.

Faysal Bank Mobit Virtual Card

Faysal Bank introduced the Mobit Virtual Card in partnership with MasterCard. The card allows you to make online payments worldwide without any issues.  This Virtual card works as a reloadable and/or a one-time usage stored-value, which can be instantly generated by Faysal Bank through Mobit’s Internet Banking.

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