How To Make Money On Freelancer or Upwork From Pakistan

Are you planning to become a freelancer and start making money online on Freelancer or Upwork, here is the guide I can share with you if you wish to make money while working on Freelancer or Upwork.

Well! It’s not that easy though, but I am not discouraging you, just asking you to be ready for the tough time which might come your way in the beginning, if you are able to pass that time then you will definitely become a successful freelancer. If you have skills you can!! But it takes little more time, dedication and patience to get to be a successful freelancer.

First of all, think about the skills you have to work on Freelancer, are you a developer? Writer? Designer? Marketer? Whatever you are, you should be good at what you do.

Things you need, to get started on Freelancer or Upwork

  • Skills
  • Time
  • Money


Let’s start with skills first, you must have adequate skills to start on Freelancer/Upwork because there is a strong competition out there. If you have skills that are well tuned you can get most out of it.

Market Scanning

Market scanning is very important before starting, you have to analyze the market and tweak your skills accordingly. For instance, you are a motion picture designer, go to the projects that are frequently posted in this category and analyze the requirements; there might be more projects that pay more in 3D motion graphics. You have to tweak your skills according to the market.


The more time you spend on Freelancer/upwork the better picture you will get, explore the sites and their projects, watch carefully what is going on, what types of projects you get there, what types of bidders bid on the projects, what is their experience and profile level, what is the cost, what pays more.

Make your plan

After scanning the market carefully, now you have to make your plan, develop your work schedule even if you do not have work to do, after bidding do not just appear from the scene, stay online for at least 6 hours. The timezone also plays a very important role, if you are not getting enough projects at the time you logged in, change your timing. Decide on what project you will bid more often; only choose those which you are good at doing. Also, choose those have fewer bids on, it will increase your chances of getting the project.

The real problem

The real problem comes underway of new freelancers that they do not have a strong profile, to make your strong profile you will have to undertake tests and badges that display along with your profile, and obviously, you will have to spend money to take tests and get the badge. Do not bother about spending money, after all, it will pay off.

Another big problem is the number of positive reviews. If you do not have positive reviews on your profile you have very slim chances of landing a project. In order to make some positive reviews you will again have to spend money, but do not worry about spending as I said earlier it will pay off at the end of the day.

To make reviews you will have to ask your friends, colleagues and partners to post projects and let you bid on it, award you the project and on completion leave a very good positive feedback. The money you will spend on this will go to Freelancer’s cut as the worker and employer are doing it with mutual understanding.

Once you got enough reviews at least 10 to 15 you will have more chances to land the projects.

Timing, Communication, and Proposal

Once you have all the above things in place and you have learned much on the sites like Freelancer/Upwork, now it’s time to be very good at your timing, communication and proposal submission.

I have witnessed some people submitting the proposals that are not required, they just submit a pre-written proposal and submit it, never do that. Always read the project specifications carefully and only propose a solution that client wants. The proposal has to be short, to the point.


Client’s project: Build me a website on WordPress, only 5 pages business site with great look and design

Bad proposal:  We are one of the best companies on Freelancer, we have done tons of web development and design projects and we can take your project with great care, we will build your site at minimum cost, we have good designers and developer that will make you happy.

Good Proposal:

I am a very good WordPress developer having 5 years of experience, I have built many WordPress sites with customizations, your site which is 5 pages and requires elegant design would be taken care off, I will also offer you 5 different designs to choose from. Even if you need few customizations I will do that for you with little extra cost. After sales support is also available, please contact me any time to discuss more.

Timing and Communication

Timing is what you consider the employer would be available to chat, once you spent some time on Freelancer/Upwork you will know what is the good timing for submitting bid, proposal and staying online. After that, you have to initiate communication with the employer and make them utterly satisfied with your skills.

After doing all this, you will see projects coming your way, do not lose patience, dedication, and commitment until you achieve something.

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