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How to Help the Burning Amazon Rainforest

burning forest

Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest and it is burning. Here is how you can help the burning Amazon Rainforest. Between January and August 2019, almost 73000 fires have been recorded which is almost double of the total of 40,000 fires in 2018. It is a record high.

One of the critical reason for the increase in fires is human activity but the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is unconcerned about it.

But here is how we can help the burning Amazon forest

First and foremost we must aware our own selves about the situation and educate our friends and family on all the details. The more people know about it, the stronger a voice can be raised.

Secondly, we need to reduce the amount of paper and wood we use. It might seem that this will have no effect on Amazon rainforest but it will make a difference with less deforestation.

Then there are many charities you can donate to and help the forest. These charities include the Amazon Conservation Team, Amazon Conservation Association, Rainforest Trust, Rainforest Foundation, etc.

Volunteer to fight the fire only if you are a trained firefighter. Also, you can volunteer in other ways by contacting these charities and telling them that you are ready to help.

The deforestation and burning of the Amazon rainforest will have an enduring effect on the global climate. We need to raise our voice. It might be happening in a different country, but humanity demands swift action to be taken. Let us raise our voice to make a difference in society.