How to Get a Job in Pakistan – Complete Guide

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From the day you are born to the day you die, the struggle is never-ending. From learning ‘ABC’, ‘123’, to acquiring knowledge through schools, colleges and universities the aim is simple that is to get a good job and support your family.

But HOW? How to get a job in Pakistan?

Education or No Education – Here are the steps to Get a Job in Pakistan

If you have a bachelor’s, master’s degree it will help you in finding a job in Pakistan. But if you are not educated do a course, any online course in IT or designing, media, whichever field attracts you to gain knowledge. Also, it is preferable that you do an internship for a couple of months before you start looking out for jobs.

Then Create your CV

Make it short, precise and logical. Right about your skills, education details, and any prior employment experience. Your objective needs to be clear and concrete.

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Apply for Jobs


There are many job sites in Pakistan where people can apply and get hired. Here are some names like Mustakbil, Rozee, Indeed, Bayt, Bayrozgaar etc.

If you want to know more about these sites read this.

Other than these sites leading companies in Pakistan have a job portal where job seekers can apply.

Visit the offices

It might sound old-fashioned, but you need to visit different offices and give your CV by hand as well. Even if there are no job vaccines in a company, just give them your CV, they might consider you when they are looking to hire.

Remember you need to apply for as many jobs as you can. Don’t restrict yourself to one department or field and even though we all want to earn in millions, right now you are starting your career and you need to apply for all the jobs irrespective of the salary.

Seek Help

You don’t need to ask for favors from others or use their reference to get a job but you can tell your friends, or teachers or colleagues that you are educated, experienced and seeking out for a job. Don’t overstep but try. You need a job and you must knock on every door, legally.

Now Wait

Now, this is the hardest part and you might have to wait for months before you receive a call.

When you do get a call, be prepared. The interviewer may take your interview on call or schedule your interview.

Here is an article written about Tips for Job Interview. It might help you when you go out for your interview.

Selected? Great.

But what if you are not selected?

If you are not selected don’t lose hope. You must repeat the whole process again along with trying these alternate courses.

Alternate Courses

If you have money and a new idea you can start a Startup. If you have an idea but not enough money to fund, there are companies that fund startups in Pakistan. Find them here and begin your own business

Take a break, review your CV, expand job hunt nationwide instead of just your own locality. Then try again.

Acquire a new skill. Learn something new, something different. Learn something as per the present demand. For instance, in light of CPEC, individuals who know the Chinese language are preferred by many companies in Pakistan. So, learn a skill and try again.

Get connected with people. Boost your online presence. Let them know that you are skilled & educated and in need of a job. You never know where help will come from only if you don’t lose hope.

The last and absolutely the last course will be to look out jobs out of the country.

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