How to generate viral content?

viral content

The term viral content is very popular on the internet. Viral content means anything that gains massive popularity on the internet. The content is shared and has a lot of views. Preferably, a couple of million views can ensure that your content is viral on the internet. It is every digital marketers dream to make content viral on the internet. Being vial means that people are aware that your product exists in the market.

The digital sphere is very vast. There are many competitors in the market who are trying to gain the attention of the same customers that you are targeting. It is necessary to make yourself standout from the crowd by building your identity as a brand. Making your presence known and carving your space in the digital marketing sphere is tough but not impossible.

Know your audience

The first step in strategizing viral content is to know your audience. It is important to have an analysis of their demographics and psychographics. This will help in evaluation of what sort of content to tailor. For example, if you run a fashion blog then it is necessary to target young females between the age of 18-30 who are conscious of what they wear. You’re also going to have to define your style and speak the language they understand. The aim of viral content marketing is not speaking to the masses. It is about speaking the language of a certain demographic which then reinforces brand position bringing in more potential customers. It is about being specific in who you talk to because mass marketing messages tend to be useless these days. Specify your target audience and tailor your content according to them.

Connect emotionally when creating viral content

Speaking the logical language is nice but emotions trigger the right response. In advertising and marketing the main game is to trigger an emotional response. Emotional messaging means that the content will stick with the people. Viral content is based on generating emotional responses. Emotions compel people to take action for your cause. When content strikes a chord emotionally then there is a change in behavior. Behavioral change is what influences people to buy your product. In generating emotional responses it is not necessary to always make the audience sad. You can invoke responses through multiple emotions.

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For example, make the content funny so that people share it because of the humorous element. College students love something academic related. Memes are a great way to engage younger audiences. There are some primary emotions that guide our behavior. One can specifically see what works better with their audiences and then produce appropriate content. Inspiring content also works better in generating good audience response. If you are running a fitness blog then sharing content that is empowering and body positive will generate more audience engagement.

Incentivize your content

This is one excellent tactic that can be used by digital marketers to fall in the “viral content” stream. Be proactive with your content and incentivize shares. Among so much clutter in the digital sphere there are less chances of being shared if your message is not very excellently crafted. Offer people incentives so that they share the product or content with their friends and family which will boost your content reach. For example if you refer Dropbox to anyone in your friends and family, and they accept the invitation then the cloud storage gives you free space. This is how Dropbox became one of the most popular cloud storage software because it incentivized its sharing. The built in sharing will lead to more viral content that will in turn boost the sales of your product.

Make use of User Generated Content

A successful marketing campaign incorporates audience into the product. User generated content is very popular when it comes to making viral content. Straight Outta Compton is a biopic which falls as the perfect example of this. People started generating their own memes of it which quickly became viral on social media. If you’re friends are doing it then so would you which would amplify the impact of the campaign. In order to make anything go viral it is necessary that users become an active part of the process. It also means that you let the audiences do marketing on your behalf. It not only saves resources but is also highly entertaining. This would allow marketers to take full advantage of the content and encrypt audiences as the main focus of making the content go viral on social media platforms.

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Think outside the traditional marketing box

The main marketing tactics for digital content revolves around shares and retweets. However, this let to minimum conversions which are the actual aim to sustain a business. Content marketing should focus on creating content that is actionable and has practical use. This is to be kept in mind when making a content strategy or devising a blog post. Do not promise anything to the audience that you cannot deliver. If you fail to deliver what you have promised then it would lead to a bad brand reputation. Give out advice or post information for more content engagement or shares. Also keep in mind to not use clickbaits as a mechanism to lure in audiences. Deceiving headlines can actually make audiences skeptical about your product and they would think twice before they visit your website.

Great timing is major key

Timing in content development is everything. You can use pop culture references or create something that resonates with the current issue. This tactic always helps in generating viral content. If your content resonates with the timing then you have the perfect recipe for content. It will not only gain a lot of shares but will also get you followers. Timing is something that you can capitalize on and pop culture references is something that you can use to speak the target audience language.

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A picture speaks louder than words

If you can create your message into good visuals then it is twice as likely to get viral on the internet. Make sure your content has plenty of visuals that attract the audience. Convert your message into aesthetically pleasing pictures that would do the marketing for you. Remember, visuals is a part of the viral content campaign. Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets are likely to show more visuals to the general population than long texts. Nobody likes to read long paragraphs since, our attention span with time has become low. People are more attracted to pictures and attractive visual videos. The perfect picture can do wonders for your content in the online marketing world. It is proven to make your content go viral.

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