How to Clean Your Phone from Oil, Grease, Stain and other Bacteria

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If only you know how dirty your phone is right now, you will just throw it away, wear gloves and start cleaning it. From bathrooms to gyms, kitchen, we take our phones everywhere. And even though it seems okay, your phone is likely to have oil marks, grease, dirt, stain. Other than this being utterly disgusting, it is a cause of health problems as well.

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The director of clinical care at the University of Rochester Medical Center Dr. Peter Papadakos said that its important to sanitize our phones as soon as possible.

He said, “The screen itself is a harbinger for carrying bacterias and viruses. There have been multiple reports of infections being transmitted by the screens of our phones.”

Flu viruses can transmit through your phone to anyone who touches it.

Papadakos said, “Foot and mouth disease is very rampant in small children at nursery school-age, too. More and more, in daycare centers and nursery schools, people use smart screens to entertain the kids and that screen is passed amongst the kids who are touching their nose, mouth, and the screen—and infection can spread amongst all the children.”

How to Clean Your Phone

A tech method to clean your phone is by using a UV disinfection box that you place your phone in and it kills all germs. It can be purchased online on Amazon.

An easier method is using a lint-free cloth, like the one received with a pair of glasses to clean your phone.

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