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How to Choose your Career in Pakistan


In this article, we will tell our readers about how to choose their career in Pakistan. The generally understood rule is to do what you want to do. ‘Follow your passion’ is the rhetoric that may sound cliché but it is the truth. So I won’t tell the readers about whether they should become a doctor or an engineer or an artist because that is their choice.

However, I will tell them this that they need to be smart in choosing their careers and following their respective passions. If you want to become an artist, what is your USP? If there is nothing new you have to offer, then the chances of success will be minimal.

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The environment of startups and entrepreneurship is thriving in Pakistan. This means that you can follow your passion by starting or being a part of something you want or believe in. But the thinking should be future-oriented. For instance, if you want to set up a library, you must ensure that the record system is digital. In this time & age file system for maintaining records would automatically push you a decade back.

Then comes the people who are confused. They are the people who are not sure whether they should go to Journalism or study medical or start fashion designing or do an MBA. They are not able to pinpoint their strengths. For them, I would say they should do an analysis of what is the demand in the market and what is the supply of it. The best field, if you are confused would be the one that has high demand but low supply. You will have leverage in that field and it will be easier to make a career in such a field due to low traffic.  

In the contemporary world, innovation is essential for survival. If you are a doctor, do you have an online presence? If you are a businesswomen does your business has a website? If you want to open a tuition center, will people be able to find you on Google? More than your career, your online activity is vital. Why? Because today word of mouth to spread your business is Google. Whatever career you choose in Pakistan, make sure you have an online audience.

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